Isobel Jewson | Absent

Isobel Jewson will be performing in Absent at Shoreditch Town Hall – A young woman enters a hotel. She is magnetic and compelling, yet strangely detached, as if in a dream; she knows everyone, yet is utterly alone; she has many lovers, but loves no one; she is 18 years old – or is she 80?

ABSENT is partly inspired by The Duchess of Argyll’s residence at a central London hotel from the 1970’s until the 80’s, when she was finally evicted, having run out of friends and credit.

Threading its way through the maze-like basements of Shoreditch Town Hall, ABSENT will create a multi-layered journey mixing film, installation and a haunting soundscape by Lapalux to create an increasingly labyrinthine dream world that merges past, present and future.

This exciting new dreamthinkspeak production, developed for the spaces of Shoreditch Town Hall, has been co-commissioned by Shoreditch Town Hall, LIFT and LeftCoast.