Harry Boyd | Tunguska

Harry Boyd will be performing at The Tunguska Event – History Marches on a Table at The Whitechapel Gallery this September.

Renowned Russian artist Vadim Zakharov (b. 1959, Tajikistan) presents two evenings of exhilarating and subversive performance.

A ballerina, a dog, a couple in love, an accordionist and garbage collectors feature among the characters. Taking inspiration from a wide range of cultural sources, from the book Incomplete & Utter History of Classical Music by Stephen Fry, Igor Stravinsky’s ballet Petrushka (1911) to Marcel Duchamp’s Bottle Rack (1914), Zakharov conceives a humorous journey across time and history. A cast of men and women appear throughout the performance and stage key events that marked the period. On a large, rectangular structure which spans the length of Gallery 2, viewers are invited to take a seat at a table which acts as the stage.

‘I also wanted to create a cultural explosion linked to a real-life event: the fall of the Tunguska Meteorite which occurred in Siberia 100 years ago. It is the symbol of global irreversible changes in the consciousness of humankind.’

Tickets £20/£15 conc.