Alice De Warrenne has been cast as Peppa & Iona Crampton has been cast as Mummy Pig and Miss Rabbit in the UK Tour and West End Run of Peppa Pig’s Big Day Out from September to July 2020

Peppa Pig is excited to be going on a special day out with George, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig – it’s going to be her best day ever!

Get ready for a road-trip full of fun adventures. From castles to caves, dragons to dinosaurs and ice-creams to muddy puddles – there is something for all of the family and their friends to enjoy, including Miss Rabbit, Mr Bull, Suzy Sheep, Gerald Giraffe and more!

Prepare for the brand new Peppa Pig live show packed full of songs, games and laughter, it really is the best day ever for Peppa Pig fans!

Georgia Imrie will be playing the role of Annie in Dissociated performing at the Arts Theatre in Camden between September and October.

Alex is twenty-seven years old and seems to have everything going for her.

Her career is about to take off, she is getting married and best of all, she has finally learned to spell the word “Dyscopia”.

However, her sleeping has become increasingly disrupted.

To cope, Alex retreats into a world of dreams, but as her mental health worsens the barrier between what is real and imaginary starts to break down.

Join Alex in her dreams during this immersive, musical adventure into recovery.

Lucie Neale will be playing the role of Antigone Go Go Jones in Up the Bunty at The Lion and Unicorn Theatre in August 

A camp romp through the world that time and taste forgot, ‘Up the Bunty’ is the lovechild of the Carry on films and Benny Hill with a healthy dose of wigs and dodgy accents and some (un)original music.*EXCLAIM*&id=8655&theatre=The%20Lion%20*and*%20Unicorn%20Theatre

Jonathon Hands will be playing the role of the Merchant and Bookshelf in an adaptation of Beauty and the Beast at the Underbelly at Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August 

On his way home through the forest, Beauty’s father picks her a rose from the enchanted palace gardens. That turns out to be a very big mistake… A heartwarming, high-energy retelling of Jeanne Marie de Beaumont’s classic tale about loyalty, bravery and finding friends in surprising places.

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