Charlotte Green will be performing in I’m Sorry But at The Bread and Roses Theatre in January. 

Bee in my Beanie present an evening of Theatre exploring Women’s Anger; from the Mundane to the Profane. After being given the provocation to explore their Anger, dozens of women writers and performers put pen to paper. The aim being to give space to the stories that arose and reclaim that Anger for ourselves.

From the woes of the modern dressing room all the way to politics with a capital P, this event explores a diverse style and range of writing. You the audience are being shown a glimpse into the rumble of thunder that is Women’s anger on the horizon. It is powerful and it is not going away.

Bee in my Beanie aims to break barriers between worlds through Play, Curiosity and Provocation. We explore what it is to be human through the child-like joy of storytelling and play. A collaboration of third-culture kids who have called many worlds home, we seek to question perceived boundaries by drawing on what brings us together as humans. 

Tom Capper will be going on a UK Tour from January to April with Apollo Theatre Company in Hancock’s Half Hour playing the role of Bill.


Following our critically acclaimed tours of Round the Horne and The Goon Show we bring you another radio comedy classic live on stage.


In 1954, Tony Hancock burst onto the airwaves of the BBC Light Programme with a comedy show unlike anything the British public had heard before.


Playing a less successful version of himself and surrounded by a cast of fellow comedy greats including Sid James, Hattie Jacques and Kenneth Williams, Hancock’s Half Hour was one of the first programmes in the genre we now know as sitcom.


Written by young up-and-comers Ray Galton and Alan Simpson, who later went on to create Steptoe and Son, Hancock’s Half Hour redefined radio comedy and has had people laughing non-stop for the past 65 years.


So come and take a trip to 23 Railway Cuttings, East Cheam to join ‘the lad himself’ and his motley crew for three classic episodes of this hilarious show. 

Lewis Rae will be playing the role of Charlie Prince in the production of Funny Turns performing with The Museum of Comedy. 

A comedy set in a theatrical boarding house in 1935.

Struggling comedian Norman Tate passes his time rehearsing his very average act with Sally, the love-struck daughter of his landlady Alice.

Four stories inter-weave involving Alice and Sally, Norman’s best pal Victor (a conjurer), Charlie (a song and dance man), Arthur (an eccentric pianist), Laurence (an actor) and Harold Chance (an impresario).

When Norman’s ex-wife speciality act Nellie Price moves into his digs Norman’s life changes dramatically.

A tale of humour, heartbreak and eventual redemption which demonstrates that life is indeed full of ‘funny turns’.

Kiera Marie Somers will be playing the roles of Grimaldi and Bergetto in Tis Pity She’s a Whore at The Alma Tavern Theatre in Bristol this December. 

When Giovanni confesses his love for his sister Annabella, they begin a tumultuous relationship that looks doomed from the outset and, when their family find out their secret, their fate is sealed.

John Ford’s classic play is brought to life by Bristol’s very own OOOH ARRR Productions.

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