Will Uden | Touring Spain with Forum Theatre Company

Will Uden is currently touring Spain with Forum Theatre Company. He is performing two different productions – Vampires – Thomas and Lucy are two high school students who have to prepare a paper on the legendary book “Dracula” by Bram Stoker. Thomas is a good reader and this is one of his favorite books. Instead, Lucy, is not much given to reading, and her biggest dream is to become a great actress. After a heated argument they decide that their work will be more original than the rest of his companions, will perform a dramatization of the text of “Dracula” from an adaptation that they developed, which include characters from other horror books. The succession of amusing anecdotes is a constant and both Thomas and Lucy are at the crossroads of pursuing their business plan despite all the drawbacks are as they work. A wild and frantic story that public involvement will be a constant throughout the performance.
Shakespeare and his Women – 1,606 Year sir. The famed writer William Shakespeare receives a new commission of King James I of England and VI of Scotland: write a play in which her figure, inspired by the treaty of demonology wrote that the monarch himself is glorified. William was somewhat embarrassed by the commitment shown since suffering a creative crisis. Lucy, his young servant, encourages you to take a few days off to find the lost inspiration. What William Lucy does not know is that, at night, in a small theater acts and interprets the most sublime female roles of the great English playwright, something strictly forbidden by royal decree. The accidental discovery of this fact, William Shakespeare make to Lucy for help to meet the special order that the King has done, and get back to please his Majesty.