Wendy Watts | Love Letters to the Home Office

Wendy Watts is performing in Love Letters to the Home Office at the Battersea Arts Centre. Love Letters to the Home Office brings to life the true stories of people separated today by the UK’s 2012 Family Immigration Rules. The Rules means that our human rights – specifically, our rights to live in the UK and with our family – are dependent on how much we earn.

For the last year North Star have been collecting personal stories of love, joy and pain; of extraordinary moments in extraordinary relationships that cross borders, oceans and seas.

Katharine Rose Williams Radojic?i? is a theatremaker who herself worked for 2 years to bring her husband to the UK. A team of contributing performers, poets, musicians and collaborators combine these true stories with new work in an exploration of the real impact of the UK’s immigration policies and media-fuelled public opinion.