Stephen Graney / Magpies and Mischief

Stephen Graney is off to Jersey to be part of Magpies and Mischief performing at the Jersey Arts Centre in March.

Adapted from the book by Dr. Cameron McPhail

Design and Puppets by Colin Mayes

There’s trouble on the Island of Jersey! Someone or something is tampering with the weather. Winters are wetter, summers shorter. The magpies are dominating the skies above the Island, while the rat population increases daily. The situation is grave.

Emma and Archie are sent to stay with their aunt, Mrs Le Lever, at Juniper Lodge, next to St Brelades and Portelet Bay. It soon becomes clear that this will be no ordinary summer holiday when they meet Seamus, the Island’s only leprechaun, and join his band of wild animals to thwart the magpies and rats. Meet Lady Lulu Limoges, the coolest cat on Jersey, plus Rocky, the dog, Cactus, the hedgehog, Swivel, the wise old owl, Fidgit, the squirrel and many more. It’s a race against time to preserve Jersey as we know it.

Will Tyson and his rabble of rats overrun the Island? Will Seamus’ magic dusts save the day…and who are the Jersey Royals?

Join us in this exciting new play, taken from the book ‘Magpies and Mischief’, written by Jersey author, Dr. Cameron McPhail, which is receiving its world premiere at Jersey Arts Centre.