Rikke Haughem / Pearly

Rikke Haughem has been cast in Pearly – The Big Room Theatre Company’s new play performing at The Redbridge Drama Centre in November. 

A brand new actor-musician play by Hester Tingey and Lee Dillon-Stuart

Pearly is the story of a flute, seen through the eyes and imagination of ten-year-old Georgie, who can glimpse the souls of musical instruments.

All Pearly wants is to be played, and to discover the wide and wonderful world of music. But being an object, being used by people, is never easy. Will she be loved by her owner, and enjoy magical adventures in a marching band? Or will she end up in the dreaded Artist’s Cave, melted into a mere ornament, condemned to life of silence?

Can Pearly and her friends conjure up their beloved music to avoid the melting pot? 

And can Georgie finally help Pearly to live the life she has always wanted to live?

The 11 strong multi-rolling cast will blow your socks off with their energy! Constantly chopping and changing between characters and instruments before your very eyes. Pearly is a show bursting with joy and for all ages, don’t miss it!