Niccolo Curradi | Fidel

Niccolo Curradi will be playing Batista in a new musical of Fidel showcasing at The Actors Church, Covent Garden.

A brand new musical about Fidel Castro and the Cuban Revolution, Fidel makes its London premiere as part of Iris’ Workin Process this November.

A dictator, a leader, a freedom fighter; few political leaders are as simultaneously loved and hated as Fidel Castro. In the 1950s, Castro rose to fame with his trusted gang of revolutionaries – the handsome Argentinian doctor Ernesto Che Guevara, the amazing Celia Sanchez – vowing to liberate Cuba from its dictator, Fulgencio Batista.

With just a few hundred soldiers and limited means, they took on Batista’s army of thousands – with its tanks, aircraft, and backing from the United States… and won. Their secret was bravery, dedication, and the support of the Cuban people, who desperately longed for justice and an independent Cuba.

Capturing the heart of education and inclusion so central to Cuban values, music in the show has been written by music students from across the UK. With a book by Dr Denise Baden, based on her research in Cuba and desire to tell the notorious tale from a Cuban perspective, this brand new musical arrives for two performances only on Thursday 16th November.