Niall Hemingway | Doctor Whosical & Harry Poppers

Niall Hemingway is heading up to Edinburgh Fringe performing in both the musicals Doctor Whosical & Harry Poppers and The Deathly Swallowers.

After a sell-out Edinburgh Fringe run in 2017, we return with the story of Harry Poppers and the Deathly Swallows! You may have heard a similar story before, but we will take you on a very different journey. Expect danger, dark magic, a few camp musical numbers, double entendres and the world’s most evil drag queen. Our story follows Harry, Ron and Hermione on their quest to overthrow the dastardly (and alarmingly well contoured) Lady Voldemay! Will our intrepid heroes survive and protect the wizarding world from devastation? Join us to find out!

Join your favourite Doctor Who characters for their greatest journey yet! It’s a musical adventure in time and space! After the TARDIS mysteriously crash lands, the Doctor and his companions find themselves stranded on a mysterious planet. When the Doctor runs into one of his former regenerations, he realises it must be a trap! Together they must uncover who has captured them in order to escape and save the universe from falling into the hands of one of the Doctor’s greatest enemies! A new show from an Edinburgh Fringe sell-out 2017 company!