Mark Garfield | Fear and Misery of The Third Reich

Mark Garfield will be appearing in Fear and Misery of The Third Reich by Bertolt Brecht – Translated by John Willett at The Union Theatre from 6th – 30th January 2016.

How did it happen? Could it happen to us?

Like us they were a highly advanced, civilised country, gilded with fine classical music, literature and philosophical thinking yet in a few short war-scarred years Hitler plunged the German middle classes into a dog eat dog hell of betrayal, paranoia and terrifying violence.

Who was compliant, who was an innocent victim?

This powerful, tragic and surprisingly funny play by Germany’s most influential playwright shows people just like us, facing a tide of seemingly unstoppable evil.

Brecht asks us to consider how we’d react if (or when) fanaticism were to unexpectedly grip our cosy world…