Marcus McManus / Tristan Bates

Marcus McManus will be performing in two plays at The Tristan Bates Theatre in December – Lover, Whore or Handmaiden and A Sticky Season.

Lover, Whore or Handmaiden: 

Dear white, middle-class men. Welcome to the future.

In this vibrant reimagining of the classical canon, iconic female characters are set free from the male imagination to tell you what’s really going on behind those one-dimensional character descriptions.

Forget the cliches of the femme fatale, the hysterical woman and the love interest. By placing these female characters centre stage, we’ll show you that damsels can do so much more than be distressed.

Lover, Whore or Handmaiden? is a performance lecture created by Georgina Armfield.

A Sticky Season: 

Seasons come and seasons go, political tensions rise and fall, heat intensifies and dissipates, and pressure mounts and mounts and mounts until it finally finds release.

Drawing on the stories of British playwright Joe Orton and Canadian flight attendant Gaetan Dugas, A Sticky Season explores the intricacies of two controversial queer lives through a queer language of Jazz music and poetry inspired by the Beat Generation.