Lucy Park / The Lightning Road

Lucy Park will be playing the role of Beth Riley in the show The Lightning Road performing at The Actors Church in Covent Garden.

Emmeline Quinn’s life has fallen apart since the death of her mother. One night she walks out into the middle of a storm, and when lightning strikes, it changes everything. Cole Van Buren is running away from his past and desperately looking for something, or someone, to renew his faith. When their paths cross, both their lives are changed forever. After Emmeline’s father, a WW1 veteran, is drafted back into the US Army in 1942, Cole is forced to make a choice between staying in the priesthood that has been his home for the past eight years, or following his heart in an attempt to protect the father of the woman he loves.


The Lightning Road follows the lives of Cole (Ruari Kelsey) and Emmy (Betsy Lee-Miller) from their first encounter as teenagers in Wisconsin, to the battlefields of war-torn Europe. This is a story of camaraderie, courage and faith. The journey of a boy who became a priest and then a soldier, and the girl who gave him something to believe in.


The Lightning Road is a new musical with book, music and lyrics by Flora Leo (Show & Tell, Triangularity) and produced by Alice Greening (Free Solo, Tuesdays and Sundays).