Lewis Rae | Hot Lips and Cold War

Lewis Rae will be playing Kenny O’Donnell in the musical Hot Lips and Cold War at The London Theatre Workshop in the new year.

This musical play decorates genuine time lines and bones of truth with the spicey extra “what could have beens”, the behind the scene unrecorded, secret dramas of America’s top family, prying into the love, glamour, intrigue & death impacting the Kennedy family in 1962-3 whilst the world was at the brink of nuclear apocalypse…

Beginning and ending with Maria Ahern, John F Kennedy’s fictional relative in The Irish Republic from where his great great, grandfather Patrick fled the Great Famine of 1848 to America or “The New World”, Maria in a desperate fix follows in family footsteps crossing the Atlantic hoping for security and good fortune to use her photography. Through clannish and sisterly trust she she quickly immerses with the iconic figures of Jackie and John F Kennedy and meets Marilyn Monroe.

Throughout history the vital but forgotten ordinary domestic staff see the secret intimate nitty-gritty which never makes it to the history books – simply because a lack of loyalty or discretion with the truth costs more than the job or maybe their life’s worth!

“HOT LIPS AND COLD WAR” joins the dots and colours the background to flesh out sensational personal gambles.