Leonora Fyfe | Stunning Meara

Leonora Fyfe will be performing in Stunning Meara at St Mary’s Church Theatre in Putney as part of The Wandsworth Arts Fringe Festival.

Stunning Meara’ is about a quirky mixed race woman with selective mutism. Meara has never worked; she lives alone in a flat, and her Irish mother lives close by.

The tragicomic musical play has been produced by Stunning Production’s Robin Marchal, Maurice Thorogood and Leonora Fyfe. The play was written by Robin Marchal. Directed by creative wizard Maurice Thorogood, Leonora Fyfe plays locked in Meara and Patrick Lynch plays the rather strange Steve.

Meara meets Steve who has Asperger’s Autism. Meara is timid in his presence. Meanwhile, Steve has frantic energy spewing out noisy avalanches of inappropriate words and sentences. During this play you see Meara struggle through life and a beautifully bizarre relationship unfolds when Steve collides into her world. Meara’s mum deeply detests her, thinks that she has a pseudo condition and is just seeking attention. Meara’s beloved St Lucian father, her lifeline, has died. Alone in her flat Meara comes alive.