Legacy – A Tory Tale | Steve Graney & Jack Porter

Steve Graney & Jack Porter will be appearing in Legacy – A Tory Tale at The Canal Cafe Theatre.

From 29 November 2017 to 3 December 2017

By Richard Bates & Steve Miller

It’s May 2015, the Conservatives have just won the General Election and things are not going well. Devoid of policies and with no coalition partner to blame for things falling apart, David Cameron is looking for a way out that’ll save his credibility and leave his Legacy intact.

With a cast of senior Conservatives, Legacy is a musical satire of David Cameron’s solo reign from breakfast to Brexit. On this journey of situation and song, we meet the personalities who played a key part in this year and see how events conspired to cement David Cameron’s legacy for him. With all new songs by Richard Bates and the keen satirical eye of Steve Miller, Legacy tells the Tory tale you just couldn’t make up.