Kenzie Horn | Lady of Stravoren

Kenzie Horn will be devising a production of Lady of Stravoren for The Wandsworth Fringe.

In a village, not too far away from here, lived a woman who had to make a choice. A choice that could destroy her….

Everything in the Lady’s life is perfect; she’s the richest woman in the city, she’s got power. But that isn’t enough, what she really wants is the most valuable thing in the world. What that might be, she doesn’t know but she wants it and she’ll do anything to get it.

What if our choices could destroy a whole city or even a country? What if our greed could stop us from being able to love? What if we would have to live our whole life with guilt and regret?

With an all-female ensemble, movement and live music, Over the Pond Productions brings you a dark Dutch fable, questioning the decisions we make and how to deal with the consequences. A story as relevant today as it was 200 years ago.