Grant Cartwright / Slipped

Grant Cartwright has been cast as Cinderella in Slipped the Panto at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern this Christmas 

The Big Society Ball has arrived in VauxhallLand and Cinderella, desperate to attend and  hopefully find love, has wangled her way to the party in her best new frock and a pair of Gucci knock offs, but the story doesn’t follow the traditional path (obvs). Featuring a fixated prince, a pair of evil anti-geniuses in the form of the Step mother and Step sister and a fairy godmother with some anger management issues, Slipped takes a path through the lost chapters of Cinderella.

But, can the downtrodden beauty Cinderella find love and finally get off Spinstagram and is her Prince even interested in her or just obsessed with her Jimmy Choo’s?

Will her Evil Step-Sister and Step Mum finally get their hands on the magic shoe in the hope of bagging a meal ticket for life (Oh you thought they were sisters? Sheesh, look closer)

And will the fairy Godmother, caught between Middle Earth and Middlesbrough, who’s had a wandful of everyone’s demands and never gets round to eating her Nandos EVER get a lie down, thank you very much!

Find out in Slipped – Cinderella rebooted.