Daniel Mack Shand | Dean Freedman’s Musical Smelly Feet

Daniel Mack Shand is about to take the lead role in Dean Freedman’s Musical Smelly Feet.

‘Smelly Feet’ is a toe-tickling, tune-humming musical from chart-topping pop-icon, Dean Friedman, featuring a slew of his silly songs, and telling the tale of three kids and their hilarious adventures in their quest to find a cure for Pete’s smelly feet.

Two best friends, Danny and Pete, spend all afternoon searching for the cause of Pete’s extremely smelly feet, hoping to discover a cure. With help from Danny’s clever little sister, Sally, and aided by oodles of audience sing-alongs, they persevere until they happily stumble upon the silly, and also obvious answer, to Pete’s stinky dilemma.

Many of the songs in ‘Smelly Feet’ will be familiar to families who’ve attended Friedman’s ‘Silly Song, Sing-Along’ kids concerts, in the past. Songs like ‘Silly, Silly Song’, ‘I’m Somebody Too’ and ‘Please, Please, Please, Don’t Tease the Bees’, are sure-fired hits with kids. Audiences will be encouraged to sing-along and participate throughout the show, while Danny, Pete and Danny’s little sister, Sally, pursue their ridiculous quest to find a cure for Pete’s ‘Smelly Feet’.

Filled with engagingly silly sing-alongs and lots of fun audience participation, Smelly Feet’ is an ideal entertainment for families with kids ages 3 to 8