Damien Warren-Smith | Hamlette

Damien Warren-Smith will be heading over to Berlin to perform in Hamlette.

“I wish I enjoyed Shakespeare but it’s just all a bit long, and wordy, and hammy, and confusing, and I never get to choose who plays the leading role”
Well, you’re in luck, Bloody Bawdy Villains, Berlin’s newest theatre troupe launches this Summer with an audacious, madcap version of HAMLET in which you, the audience choose who takes the role of the insane Dane!

Every night our Villains will employ all the powers bestowed on them by years of board-treading to win the audience over. Begging, cajoling and fighting for the lead role, these adorable idiots will do whatever they can to win the crowd. This is democratic Shakespeare and our actors are at your mercy. It all comes down to a vote and each night you decide who plays the lead role.
Expect chaos, charismatic characters, quick costume changes, and more than a healthy dose of audience participation.