Charlotte Green / Im Sorry But

Charlotte Green will be performing in I’m Sorry But at The Bread and Roses Theatre in January. 

Bee in my Beanie present an evening of Theatre exploring Women’s Anger; from the Mundane to the Profane. After being given the provocation to explore their Anger, dozens of women writers and performers put pen to paper. The aim being to give space to the stories that arose and reclaim that Anger for ourselves.

From the woes of the modern dressing room all the way to politics with a capital P, this event explores a diverse style and range of writing. You the audience are being shown a glimpse into the rumble of thunder that is Women’s anger on the horizon. It is powerful and it is not going away.

Bee in my Beanie aims to break barriers between worlds through Play, Curiosity and Provocation. We explore what it is to be human through the child-like joy of storytelling and play. A collaboration of third-culture kids who have called many worlds home, we seek to question perceived boundaries by drawing on what brings us together as humans.