Michaela Murphy will be playing the role of the Camerawoman in the film Home for Aged Time Travellers shooting in May  

Scott Nelsons brilliant screenplay ‘Home for Aged Time Travellers presents a thought-provoking alternative side-effect to a life of time travel. This short mockumentary brings to light what happens when we meddle with the mechanism of time, and introduces us to the people who are dealing with the consequences.


A debut film by producers El & Laurence West, 2 feature film crew members with credits on films such as the Avengers, Men in Black, Guardians of the Galaxy, Mission in Impossible and more…

Eva Crompton will be playing the role of the Policewoman in the new drama for BBC 2 Trigonometry 

Commissioned by Piers Wenger, Controller of Drama, and Patrick Holland, Controller of BBC Two, and produced by House Productions, Trigonometry is a new 8×30’ series written by Duncan Macmillan and Effie Woods. A love story. About three people who are made for each other.

In crowded, expensive London, a cash-strapped couple open their small apartment to a third person. Somehow, the new addition makes the flat seem bigger, not smaller. Gradually, many things become easier, nicer, better with an extra pair of hands.


Harry Boyd has been cast as HiPockets and Everyman in the UK Tour of Buddy The Musical from August to June 2020

Smash hit rock & roll musical Buddy – The Buddy Holly Story is set to celebrate its 30th Anniversary next year by making a triumphant return to its original opening venue and spiritual home, Theatre Royal, Plymouth. Buddy will open on Tuesday 3rd September 2019 and play for 1 week before embarking on a UK-wide tour.


Will Gillham has been cast as Antipholus of Syracuse in The Comedy of Errors for Petersfield Shakespeare Company performing in July 

‘I to the world am like a drop of water

That in the ocean seeks another drop’

When two sets of identical twins, separated at birth, unknowingly end up in the same city, a series of chance meetings leads to confusion, chaos and comic carnage. In true Shakespearean fashion, nothing is quite as it seems, and mistaken identity abounds. Will Antipholus and Dromio succeed in their quest to re-unite their families? Will anything ever make sense again? Sit back and enjoy this vibrant re-telling, directed by mischief maker, Becky Hope-Palmer.


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