Rebecca Withers has been cast as the Ensemble and understudy to all three female leads in Friendsical the Musical performing at Edinburgh Fringe Festival followed by a UK tour from July to November.

A new parody musical, inspired by the iconic TV show. When Ross’ wife leaves him for another woman, he fears he will never find love again. But then Rachel runs back into his life… will he end up with his true love? Featuring original songs: ‘(He’s her) Lobster!’, ‘Richard’s Moustache’ and ‘You’re Over Me? When Were You Under Me?’, the gang take on naked Thursdays, a power cut, and a dinosaur convention. What could possibly go wrong? This is a loving parody not to be confused with the Warner Bros Entertainment Inc. series Friends

Michaela Murphy has been cast in the role of Giles in Piramania The Swashbuckling Pirate Musical playing at Upstairs at the Gatehouse in July before heading to the Underbelly at Edinburgh Festival for July and August 

Ahoy! Join the crew of The Maiden’s Ruin on their quest for pirate booty in a bawdy tale of betrayal, murder and incest! This adult musical-comedy returns with original songs, filthy wit and swashbuckling fun.

Alice De Warrenne will be performing at The Globe Theatre in July as part of the Chorus in The Merry Wives of Windsor 

Double-meanings, disguises and dirty laundry abound as Sir John Falstaff sets about improving his financial situation by wooing Mistress Page and Mistress Ford. But the ‘Merry Wives’ quickly cotton on to his tricks and decide to have a bit of fun of their own at Falstaff’s expense…

Tao Deng can be seen in the first episode of Channel 4’s new series Chimerica. 

A powerful and timely 4-part thriller about a dedicated American photojournalist who, when accusations of fake news are levelled against him, tries to reclaim his credibility by setting out to find the subject of his most famous picture – the Tank Man of Tiananmen Square.

Produced by Playground (Wolf Hall, Howards End, Little Women), Chimerica is based on Lucy Kirkwood’s eponymous acclaimed, Olivier Award-winning stageplay.

Exploring not just the relationship between East and West, but also some of the most urgent issues affecting society today, Chimerica, completely updated from the original play, is set against the 2016 US Presidential election. The series delves deep into the new world of fake news, censorship and the power of political protest.

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