Cassandra Hercules / The Tempest

Cassandra Hercules will once again be playing the role of Miranda in The Tempest for Bilimankhwe Theatre Company – this time touring to Zimbabwe to perform in the HIFA Festival in April and May 2019

Following a successful tour of the UK in late 2017, The Tempest is now available for touring in Southern Africa in collaboration with Mwezi Arts and Nanzikambe Arts (Malawi).

Bilimankhkwe is working in partnership with Mwezi Arts and Nanzikambe Arts to make the Southern Africa tour a reality.

Mwezi Arts is based at the Madsoc Theatre in Lilongwe, Malawi, where they operate a year round combined arts programme of theatre, music, fillm and poetry, hosting both local artists and  international companies from the UK and Germany.