Cassandra Hercules | Hannah and Hanna

Cassandra Hercules is performing in Hannah and Hanna at the Greenwich Theatre from Tue 29 September – Sat 3 October 2015.

Having fled her own country, Hanna, 16, from Kosovo meets Hannah, 16, from Margate.

Hanna kissed the ground when she arrived and she loves Margate. Hannah hates Margate, and all the Kosovans coming to live there. But both of them find an escape in pop music. Can a shared love of karaoke bring about an unlikely friendship or will the racist tensions of small town Britain prevail?

In the shadow of the recent general election, when UKIP picked up over 13% of the national vote and replaced the Liberal Democrats as the party with the third largest share of the vote, at a time when prejudice is being granted a legitimate face, CultureClash and Greenwich Theatre join forces to revive John Retallack’s pulsating classic. With razor-sharp dialogue and an uplifting karaoke score, Hannah and Hanna remains as relevant as it was when it premiered in 2001.