Becki Thompson | Touring this Christmas in Aladdin

Becki Thompson is touring this Christmas in Aladdin.

Once upon a time in a far off land lived a boy called Aladdin who lived with his mother, Widow Twankey.

Aladdin works hard all day long in Widow Twankeys launderette and can only dream of a better life. He even dreams of marrying the beautiful Princess Say-Wen, daughter of the Emperor of China.

One day Abanazar, an evil magician, arrives at the launderette and pretends to be Aladdin’s long-lost uncle. Abanazar promises Aladdin wealth and fame beyond his wildest dreams if he can help him find a special lamp. He persuades Aladdin to accompany him to a secret cave filled with jewels and gold in the mountains above Peking. Aladdin finds the lamp but grows suspicious and refuses to hand it over. The furious Abanazar casts a spell, locking Aladdin in the cave.

Alone in the deep, dark and dirty cave, our hero fears he will never see Widow Twankey or Princess Say-Wen again. Rubbing his lamp to clear some dust, a magical Genie appears. The friendly Genie promises to grant Aladdin any wishes he wants and with love in his heart sets of to find Princess Say-Wen.

The evil Abanazar returns, and with a devious trick, kidnaps the princess turning Aladdin’s world upside down.