Ariel Butwyna / High School Never Ends

Ariel Butwyna will be playing the lead Jaret in a new comedy musical called High School Never Ends performing at The Waterloo East Theatre in May.

Almost 10 years after their high school diploma, Jaret and Emily, who broke up in high school, are

reunited again, having been persuaded to go to their school reunion. Cheeky and lovable Jaret

spends his 30s in a job he does not like but enjoys singing in his band with his best friends. Emily

moved away shortly after high school and got a job in an IT company. Debbie who has now moved

nearby, tells Emily about the school reunion on a night out.

Through a series of flashback scenes set in the ’80s, fulfilled of a nostalgic atmosphere, we will

relive what happened to this bunch of high school teenagers and why their dreams and hopes did

not come true, at least till the reunion.

High School Never Ends is a NEW musical comedy with heartfelt tales of first love and the dissatisfaction about how life sometimes turns out. A very relatable story on everyone who struggled throughout high school, and still struggles to find their identity and a safe place in society. This musical comedy highlights high school politics that never leave us when we move into the real world and shows its best to be true to ourselves. Lack of confidence, sexuality, love, dreams, fears are just some of the topics that High School Never Ends wants to explore.